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The First Post: Thinking Out Loud

Conducting is a lonely profession. Oh sure, we all have friends and a professional network, but the fact is that when it comes down to rehearsals, it’s really just me and my choir, and only one person in the room is fulfilling my role, and that’s me. And if I don’t show up – literally or mentally or emotionally – nothing happens.

Don’t get me wrong, I very much love what I do, and I also love thinking about it, considering it, and coming up with new ideas about how to do it better. I could (and sometimes do) spend all day developing rehearsal plans. All of that is great, except that it means that I spend an awful lot of time inside the echo chamber of my own head. Which is safe, but not always so productive.

So this is my accountability blog. My way of making sure that I don’t just come up with ideas in my head and then leave them there – something to force me to a) express them in writing in a way that will make sense to someone who is not inside my head, and b) be accountable for the ideas I resolve to put into action. If I say it out loud, then I have to do it. Right? Right. Even if no one ever reads this.

The goal here isn’t perfection, it’s progress. And maybe some conversations along the way.

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